Tech Support Bulletin - 2nd Quarter 2019

If you have Windows 7 and up, you can download Windows 10 upgrade tools following this link:

The upgrade will take more than an hour and depends on how fast of your computer system.  Be aware of some of your software may be not compatible with Windows 10.  However, you can revert back to your original Windows after the upgrade if you find that the upgrade to Windows 10 is not working right for you.  Follow this instruction to revert:
Hit Windows+I to open the Settings app, click the “Update & security” icon, and then switch to the “Recovery” tab.

Windows frequent updates caused software not working, is there a way to stop Windows from update?

The answer is not, unfortunately.  There may be some links out there on the web show you how to stop Windows update, but I found that not really effective and might cause Windows unstable.  
If you have issue of Windows update caused your software not working, I suggest you try to find solution of that particular issue on the web or consult your I.T. or software vendor for help.  Try to stop Windows update completely is not feasible.

Finding the right VIRUS and FIREWALL SOFTWARE?

To me, most of them are good.  So you can try to get the one you or your I.T. person familiar with and know how to set it up.  Because often times, you need to get into the setup to allow access through firewall to your network and software.

If you have other question, you can email me, and I will answer your question.  Thank you!


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